Journal Review: Map of You

Map of You by Sophie Williams

Map of You
by Sophie Williams

4 out of 5 stars

This book has guided journal prompts, personality quizzes, creative activities, and coloring pages. You can explore your emotions in a healthy way, learn to communicate, and set goals for your mental health.

This is such a cool book! It makes the mental health activities really fun, and all the pages are so attractive. I love the beautiful designs on each page. The bright colors and minimalist designs make it really special.

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Journal Review: Diario de una Abuela

Diario de una abuela (Regalo por Abuela, Regalo por Día de la... by Blue Streak

Diario de una abuela (Regalo por Abuela, Regalo por Día de las Madres): Memorias y recuerdos para mis nietos
by Blue Streak, Cecilia Molinari (Translator)

5 out of 5 stars

Este hermoso diario tiene secciones para que una abuela comparta con sus nietos todo sobre su infancia y juventud, las tradiciones familiares para compartir y los detalles de su historia familiar juntos.

La abuela puede llenar los espacios en blanco para contar historias, chistes e incluso escribir recetas. Hay un lugar para escribir sobre cuándo nació el nieto y para anotar todos los deseos y sueños que los abuelos tienen para sus hijos y nietos.

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Journal Review: Pippa Park:My Journal about Life

My Journal About Life by Erin Yun

My Journal About Life (Pippa Park)
by Erin Yun (Goodreads Author)
5 out of 5 stars

This companion journal to Pippa Park Raises Her Game is the perfect way to explore your own life and find out more about Pippa! There are quizzes, lists, and journal prompts that you can fill in to ask yourself who you really want to be and how your journey might compare to Pippa’s story.

I am so impressed with this journal! The quizzes are really cute, and I love how the journal prompts really get the reader thinking about who they are, aside from their regular likes and dislikes.

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Journal Reviews: Take Me Home, and Take Me on Vacation

Take Me Home by Mary Richards

Take Me Home: An Activity Journal for Young Explorers (Take Me #1)
by Mary Richards
5 out of 5 stars

This journal encourages the reader to go on an exploration of their own home, really noticing things around the house and how the rooms are laid out. You can draw a map of your house, sketch your front door, and make up a story about characters who lived in your house before you moved in. There are little tidbits of information about the history of homes and different features of architecture around the world.

Take Me on Vacation by Mary Richards

Take Me on Vacation: The Young Explorer’s Guide to Every Vacation in the World (Take Me #2)
by Mary Richards
5 out of 5 stars

This journal offers the reader the perfect journal for recording their experiences while away from home, really noticing things they encounter and the places they see. You can draw a map of your destination, sketch a famous landmark, and invent your own travel game. There are little tidbits of information about the history of travel and different famous places around the world.

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Non Fiction Review: Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal

Cultivating Calm by Brandi Matz MSW LCSW (Author)
Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal
by Brandi Matz 

3 out of 5 stars

This book is divided into two sections: one with journal prompts and space to write, and one with meditations to try. Each page begins with an inspirational quote, and a short paragraph describing a situation or theme for you to journal or meditate about.

The themes include things like financial stress, being alone, being late, getting rid of clutter, taking an exam, family relationships, crowded spaces, conflict with others, housework, social media stress, fear of driving, fear of dying, and fear of public speaking, among many others.
Each of these are addressed, acknowledged, and then the reader is guided into a more productive and calm attitude, along with tips for dealing with each situation and handling anxiety in a healthy way. Continue reading

Journal Review: Holistic Self-Care Guided Journal

Holistic Self-Care Guided Journal by Carley Schweet
Holistic Self-Care Guided Journal: Nurture Yourself, Expand Your Mind, Embrace Who You Are
by Carley Schweet

5 out of 5 stars

This book helps you to reconnect with your core self, grow in your courage and creativity, and engage in your relationships, all in baby steps that remind you to take care of yourself and reflect on what you truly need. This book has sections to “Nurture Yourself, Expand Your Mind, Get Creative, Move Your Body, Get Organized, and Embrace Your Community.” Each section has insightful journal prompts, affirmations, meditations, gentle activities, and inspirational quotes to get you motivated.

I’m truly impressed at how this book uses thoughtful prompts and deep themes to sweetly guide the reader into a better understanding of the many aspects of self-care. And yet it never feels too heavy! Each activity is a simple little thing, a cup of tea, a walk in the sunshine, listening to a favorite song. And yet the impact is immense because of the introspection that is happening. Continue reading

Non Fiction Review: Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking by Katherine Flannery
Positive Thinking: A 52-Week Journal of Profound Prompts, Inspiring Quotes, and Bold Affirmations
by Katherine Flannery

4 out of 5 stars

This guided journal gives prompts for maintaining a positive attitude and managing difficult emotions. It is full encouraging quotes that are thoughtful and uplifting!

The layout of this book is not quite what I expected. It is laid out with one section for each of the 52 weeks, with one activity, journal prompt, or meditation to do each week. Week 1 is a journal prompt with some space for writing in a list of attributes and characteristics about yourself, and the encouragement to re-frame any negative thoughts about yourself into positive and compassionate thoughts. Week 2 is a prompt to draw a decorative mantra or affirmation of your choosing, and there is a breathing exercise to try. Continue reading

Journal Review: True You

True You by Dr. Kelly Vincent
True You: A Self-Discovery Journal of Prompts and Exercises to Inspire Reflection and Growth
by Dr. Kelly Vincent,  Jacinta Kay (Illustrator)

4 out of 5 stars

This journal gives prompts for writing about certain themes including, self-awareness, values, identity, confidence, emotions, spirituality, health, family, relationships, community, career, passions, goals, life purpose, and dreams.

The most basic prompts say things like, “Today I’m grateful for…”, “Today I learned….”, “My biggest fear is…” But the journal quickly gets into more deep questions and more complex prompts about times when you had the confidence to stand up yourself, how you felt when you solved a difficult problem, and what relationships give your life meaning. Continue reading

Non Fiction Review: 5-Minute Happiness Journal

The 5-Minute Happiness Journal by Leslie Marchand LCSW
The 5-Minute Happiness Journal: Practices to Help You Tap Into Joy Every Day
by Leslie Marchand LCSW

4 out of 5 stars

This guided journal explores the meaning of happiness and how it can be unique to each individual. The journal prompts you to write down the things that make you happy, to re-imagine difficult situations in a more pleasant light, and to go after your own style of joy.

The journal questions include things like:
“What is a hobby you’ve always wanted to try?”
“Write about a time when a closed door led to a new opportunity that brought more happiness into your life.”
“Write about a time when you used your imagination to solve a problem.”
“Write down one thing you do regularly that makes you happy.”

Some of the prompts are simple, and others are more complex, leading to deeper reflection. Each page builds on the previous lesson, guiding you further on a journey toward understanding and embracing happiness. Continue reading

Non Fiction Review: My Perfectly Imperfect Life

My Perfectly Imperfect Life by Irene Smit
My Perfectly Imperfect Life: 127 Exercises for Self-Acceptance
by Irene Smit, Astrid van der Hulst,  Editors of Flow Magazine

5 out of 5 stars

This guided journal gives writing prompts and activities to help relieve stress, enhance your life, embrace the good, find joy in the little things, and simplify your schedule. With a beautiful pastel design and inspiring quotes, this book teaches us to be gentler with ourselves and forgive those little mistakes that make life so interesting.

I really love the overall message of this book! I am a perfectionist and a worrier, so this kind of reminder to slow down and accept the imperfect things in life is just right for someone like me. There are breathing exercises, creative projects, mindful writing prompts, gentle self-care challenges, goals to spend more time with friends, get out into the world, allow the imperfect to happen, and choose happiness. Continue reading