Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1-3


Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 3Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 2
Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The three magical girls are back in the mysterious land of Cephiro for a second adventure! They don’t know who summoned them to this alien world, but they have their weapons and the Mashin spirits to help them fight, this time against invaders from neighboring worlds. Without a Pillar to hold the planet together, Cephiro is literally falling apart, and only the three Magic Knights can defend this world until someone new can take on the job of being the Pillar.

All the same things that I liked and disliked about the first volumes still hold true. The plot is obvious, the characters lack depth, and the action artwork is confusing. But the girls are cute! and I like the pretty artwork, and the adorable characters and their sweet friendships.

I’m interested to find out about the various new characters, and villains from other worlds, and see where their stories will lead. And it’s lovely to see the girls reunited with their old friends from the previous books!

I like having a fun fluffy read to enjoy. Even though it’s not amazingly complex story, it’s still entertaining.


Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 2
Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 2 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

IN this 2nd volume, there are three countries warring for control of the mystical land of Cephiro, and it’s up to the Legendary Magic Knights to protect the country they have come to love. But within Cephiro there are still mysteries to be solved, and possible spies within the palace. If the Magic Knights can’t find someone to take on the role of the Pillar, Cephiro will slowly crumble into nothing and be destroyed.

There are a lot of flashbacks that show the backstory of some mysterious side characters, and how they connect to the original Pillar of Cephiro. Those who were close to the former Princess are dedicated to protecting Cephiro, but they are reluctant to establish a new Pillar.

I enjoyed this story, but it had all the same problems as the previous volumes. The main three characters do have a little character development in this one, and they solidify their motivations for fighting for their friends, but all the characters are very one-dimensional and static.
I love the pretty artwork, but the action panels are so busy and confusing that I can barely tell what is going on.
Still, it’s a fun and easy read, and kept my interest!


Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 3
Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 3 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As Cephiro’s neighboring worlds launch a final attack, the Magic Knights are desperate to find the magical Road that will lead them to the new Pillar. Establishing a new Pillar seems to be the only hope for Cephiro, but the fluffy little Mokona has been hiding the secret all along.

I was interested to see how the side characters finally revealed their hidden motivations, and when it came to the final test, they all had secrets to show. I just wish that the characters had more depth. The story is a little bare and predictable. The girls are so cute though, so I don’t mind that they aren’t complex.
The action panels were still so confusing, and I could never tell half of what was happening during any of the battles. But the pretty artwork in other areas of the book made up for that!

I’m glad that I read this series, because I really needed a fun and easy read for this week. It’s not amazingly life-changing literature, but it’s interesting and entertaining!

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