Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1-3


Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 3Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 2
Magic Knight Rayearth II, Vol. 1 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The three magical girls are back in the mysterious land of Cephiro for a second adventure! They don’t know who summoned them to this alien world, but they have their weapons and the Mashin spirits to help them fight, this time against invaders from neighboring worlds. Without a Pillar to hold the planet together, Cephiro is literally falling apart, and only the three Magic Knights can defend this world until someone new can take on the job of being the Pillar.

All the same things that I liked and disliked about the first volumes still hold true. The plot is obvious, the characters lack depth, and the action artwork is confusing. But the girls are cute! and I like the pretty artwork, and the adorable characters and their sweet friendships. Continue reading

Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol.1-3

Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 1Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 3Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 2
Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 1 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Three ordinary schoolgirls are magically whisked away from their class fieldtrip to the troubled land of Cephiro, where they acquire elemental powers. The benevolent ruler of Cephiro has been kidnapped by the evil Zagato, and the girls must brave many trials in order to become the legendary Magic Knights and save the land. With the help of a mysterious guru sent to guide them, they battle monsters, discover their powers, and meet friends and enemies along the way. But through it all, their kindness, loyalty, and courage supports them, and they learn to believe in themselves and each other.

This story is fairly predictable and commonplace – magic powers, legendary destiny, the ancient mage guide, ordinary people learning to battle monsters, etc… Yeah yeah, heard it all before.
But the girls are so CUTE!!! They’re really lovely and adorable, and I liked their hilarious dialogue. They are not complex characters, and I wish they had a little more depth to them, but they are definitely sweet! Continue reading