Book Review: The Well-Wishers

The Well-Wishers
The Well-Wishers by Edward Eager

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The five children are back for more magic from their wishing well. But this time the magic is including all sorts of unsuitable people in their adventures, and the children aren’t sure if they can accept these new people encroaching on their magic business.

Can the school bully really be reformed by the magic, or does he deserve to be punished for his previous schoolyard crimes? Will the children try to help an extremely annoying opera diva, or will they avoid her like the plague? And what about the crazy witch-lady from the local insane asylum? Surely, the magic wouldn’t expect them to make friends with a dangerous witch! But somehow the magic pulls through, the children find the courage and resourcefulness to overcome every obstacle, and they spread some good magic around their neighborhood while still having fun! They learn that anyone can become a friend if only you show them acceptance and kindness.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this book was the changing POV. Each chapter is written by a different member of the Wishing-Well group, and while I thought it was interesting to see how they each had their own voice and unique perspective, changing POVs is one of my pet peeves. It IS well done in this book, but no matter how well-written, it still grates on my nerves. That’s just me.

Otherwise, this is a 5-star book! The characters grow and make mistakes and have break-through ideas. The plot turns around in unexpected ways, and the writing is funny and bright. Even rereading this for the 2nd time, I was engaged and entertained and loving it!

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