Graphic Novel Review: Averee

Averee by Stephanie Phillips

by Stephanie PhillipsDave Johnson (Co-Writer), Marika Cresta (Illustrator), Andrew Dalhouse (Colorist)
4 out of 5 stars

Averee has a fairly high level on Ranked, the app that determines your social standing. But her best friend, Zoe, has one of the lowest rankings in school, meaning that she can’t get into certain restaurants or ride on the nicer city buses. Everything about their lives are dictated by their rank, from where they can live and work to where they can travel. When Averee’s ranking suddenly drops, the two friends are on a quest to find out why and to restore Averee’s rank. But the Ranked app is controlled by an evil corporation with even more deadly plans in store.

I loved this graphic novel so much! The world-building is really cool, and I liked the history of how the Ranked app came to be so prevalent. The adventure is exciting and I liked the mystery surrounding the evil corporation behind the app.

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Graphic Novel Review: Waluk

Waluk by Ana Mirallès

Waluk: The Great Journey
by Ana Mirallès (Illustrator ), Emilio Ruiz (Contributor)
4 out of 5 stars

Waluk is a young polar bear who treks through the frozen tundra with an older bear, Eskimo. They run across humans from time to time, and have adventures hunting for seals. They meet a ferocious mama polar bear with her cubs. Waluk talks to a dog who pulls a dogsled for his master, and tries to inspire him to pursue a free life in the wilderness instead of living in human chains.

I loved this cool graphic novel! The art work is really beautiful with all the mystery and allure of the North Pole. The story is exciting and balances both serious and funny scenes. I really loved the sweet friendship between Waluk and Eskimo. They rely on one another and Waluk learns a lot of wisdom from Eskimo.

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Graphic Novel Review: WolfWalkers

WolfWalkers by Tomm Moore

WolfWalkers: The Graphic Novel
by Tomm Moore (Creator), Samuel Sattin (Goodreads Author) (Adapted by)
4 out of 5 stars

Robyn Goodfellowe is the daughter of a wolf hunter, tasked with ridding the forest of all wolves. Although her father has told her to stay home where it is safe, Robyn tracks her father into the forest, armed with a crossbow and assisted by her faithful hawk, Merlyn. Robyn is determined to help her father and kill a few wolves of her own, until she meets a mystical WolfWalker girl. WolfWalkers are humans when they are awake, and transform into wolves when they fall asleep. The two girls begin an unlikely friendship, and Robyn must choose to either save her father or save her new WolfWalker friend.

I loved the magic and the mystical legends in this graphic novel! The magical world-building is really beautiful and imaginative.

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Graphic Novel Review: Pigs Might Fly

Pigs Might Fly by Nick Abadzis

Pigs Might Fly
by Nick AbadzisJerel Dye (Illustrations)
4 out of 5 stars

Lily is the daughter of a famous inventor in the Pigdom Plains. She dreams of inventing her own flying machine, succeeding where her father could not. Although she has access to magic, Lily wants to use science to create an engine that will stay aloft on its own power. When a mysterious squadron of attack flyers begin to harass the countryside, Lily scrambles to finish the prototype of her airplane and she takes to the skies to protect her neighbors. But if her father finds out what she has done, Lily will be in big trouble.

I loved this graphic novel! Lily is such a spunky main character. She is so intelligent and brave. I was cheering for her through the entire book! I loved seeing how she interacts with her father, her aunt, and her young cousin. That family dynamic was very dramatic, as they sometimes fight or disagree, but always protect each other. Each of these characters have strong personalities and are very intelligent and independent, so that makes for some great character development.

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Graphic Novel Review: Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire

Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House o... by Neil Gaiman

Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire
by Neil Gaiman (Author), Shane Oakley (Artist)
4 out of 5 stars

This graphic novel follows a writer who is struggling to write about “real life” in a tale of zombies, dreadful mysteries in damp dungeons, and evil pacts with the vile powers of darkness.

I loved the shadowy art style in this book! It’s so expressive and chaotic. It creates a definite mood for this eerie tale of nefarious deeds.

I am not a fan of horror stories, but this book is not really scary, and it made me laugh so much! It makes fun of typical horror tropes in such a clever way. The story jumps around a lot, but I think that is on purpose to create a disturbing atmosphere. I loved the plot twist at the end!

Comic Review: Teen Titans Go! Roll with It

Teen Titans Go! Roll With It! by Heather Nuhfer

Teen Titans Go! Roll With It!
by Heather NuhferP.C. MorisseyAgnes GarbowskaSandy Jarrell
4 out of 5 stars

Robin has gathered the Teen Titans to play an exciting game of Basements and Basilisks. The friends just want to have fun, but Robin wants to force everyone to follow the rules and make the game difficult. Jinx puts them under a spell to stay in the game, and only Robin can save the day. That is… if he can let go of the rules.

I liked the comedy in this comic! Robin is always getting up to crazy hijinks and ruining everyone’s game experience with his insane determination to make the game impossibly difficult. He is always trying to prove that he is the fastest, smartest, biggest hero, and that is the perfect backdrop for some truly hilarious failures.

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Manga Review: Anne of Green Gables

Manga Classics Anne of Green Gables by Crystal Chan

Manga Classics Anne of Green Gables
by Crystal Chan (Editor), Kuma Chan (Artist), L.M. Montgomery (Author)
5 out of 5 stars

In this classic story, Anne is an orphan who comes to live with Marilla and Matthew. She has an overactive imagination and a talent for getting into mischief, but she is delighted with her new home at Green Gables.

Condensing such a complex and deep story into manga form works very well here, and the plot closely follows the original story. Even the dialogue is almost always exactly the same as the book.

I loved the artwork so much! Beautiful panels in every chapter that draw you into the story. The artwork brings a lot of emotion into the story, and firmly connects the reader to the characters. Seeing the expressions on character’s faces as they experience joy, grief, fear, sadness, or relief, made me feel those things too as I was reading!

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Graphic Novel Review: The Inkberg Enigma

The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathan King

The Inkberg Enigma
by Jonathan King
4 out of 5 stars

This graphic novel centers on a bookish young man, Miro, who lives in a fishing village where his father works in a history museum. There are strange occurrences around the town, and the fishermen have secrets to hide. Miro’s new friend, Zia, takes a photograph of a fisherman who has been attacked at sea, the local fishermen warn Miro and Zia to stay away and keep quiet about what they saw. But of course, they begin to investigate the weird phenomena around town.

I loved this book! The characters, the interesting plot, and the world-building are all excellent.

I liked that Miro is a bookworm, and spends his life diving into books but never having any real adventures. Each of the characters has their own vivid personality and backstory.

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Graphic Novel Review: How I Survived Four Nights on the Ice

How I Survived by Serapio Ittusardjuat

How I Survived: Four Nights on the Ice
by Serapio IttusardjuatMatthew K. Hoddy (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

This graphic novel tells the true story of how the author survived on the Artic ice without any supplies or water when his snowmobile broke down. He knew survival techniques like melting ice for drinking water, and how to keep his clothing dry to ward off hypothermia. Using all his knowledge and skills to endure the harshest cold, he lives through the days and nights until a rescue party can find him.

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