Picture Book Review: Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn

Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn by Once Upon a Dance

Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers
by Once Upon a Dance (Goodreads Author), Ethan Roffler (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

Princess Naomi is fed up with everything, so she goes galloping on her horse. They find a unicorn who needs help. The unicorn leads them to a mysterious cave opening, and only Naomi is small enough to fit inside and find what the unicorn needs.

I loved this cute story! Naomi is so brave and smart to help the unicorn, and the whole fairy tale setting is so fun!

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Picture Book Review: Whole Whale

Whole Whale by Karen Yin

Whole Whale
by Karen Yin (Goodreads Author), Nelleke Verhoeff (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

There is a parade of animals all squeezing for more room in this book. They crowd onto the page from all sides, but how will they ever make enough room for the biggest mammal of them all, the blue whale, to fit in?

This is such a cute book! The first page starts with just one or two animals, and then they gradually pile in more and more animals of all kinds, until finally the page is filled with a hundred animals. I like that there is a chart at the end of the book that lists all one hundred animals, so you can hunt through the pages and find them all and count them up.

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Fairy Tales and Knowledge

Learning About the Garden with Sleeping Beauty by Štěpánka Sekaninová

Learning About the Garden with Sleeping Beauty
by Štěpánka SekaninováLinh Dao (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, the princess spends her childhood tending the palace gardens and learning about all the plants and flowers there. But when the evil witch introduces a thorny plant into the garden, the princess pricks her finger and falls into an enchanted slumber.

The reader learns all about flowers, herbs, thorny bushes, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs. There is even a vegetable garden in the palace!

Discovering the Underground with Snow White by Tom Velcovsky

Discovering the Underground with Snow White (Fairytale Encyclopedia, #4)
by Tom VelcovskyJakub Cenkl (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

This book combines the fairy tale retelling of Snow White with information about underground structures, animal burrows, plant root systems, underground rivers, caves, subways, and mines. There is even a section about mythological creatures who traditionally live underground like trolls, gnomes, and dragons.

I love the design of the pages, where the main page has the fairy tale story, and then you can pull out the big folding page to reveal all the information about the garden plants and underground burrows.
The illustrations are all so delicate and graceful! I love the soft art style, and the beautiful colors.
The fairy tale retelling is delightful, and the information about the garden is organized into small paragraphs that make it easy to read.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of both these books from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

Book Reviews: Children’s Non Fiction

How It Works by Amelia Hepworth

How It Works: Rocket
by Amelia HepworthDavid Semple (Illustrations)
5 out of 5 stars

This cute board book teaches all about how rockets can go to outerspace, how astronauts can land on moon, and how they reenter earth’s atmosphere for a safe return. The die-cut pages are layered to show the inside of the space ship, and all the different stages of space travel.

I love this such interesting little book! This is the perfect way to introduce rockets and space travel to little readers. The illustrations are bright and fun with a little mouse hidden on every page. The design is simple and clear, and the text is easy to understand.

The Stories of Musical Instruments by Štěpánka Sekaninová

The Stories of Musical Instruments
by Štěpánka SekaninováJakub Cenkl
4 out of 5 stars

This book tells the history of musical instruments around the world with short bios about famous musicians and composers. My favorite part is the development of the piano since I am a pianist. There are sections about rock bands, percussion, woodwinds, string orchestras, jazz bands, brass bands, and military bands. There are chapters about beautiful instruments from India, Russia, Scotland, Mongolia, China, Japan, and Africa.

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Picture Book Reviews Batch

Hugo no puede dormir by Davide Calì

Hugo no puede dormir
by Davide CalìAnna Aparicio Català (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

Hugo no puede dormir. Recorre la jungla preguntando a los animales si saben por qué no puede dormir. El elefante, el mono y el tigre están muy molestos porque los despiertan en medio de la noche. Incluso la gacela está molesta, aunque es educada con Hugo. Finalmente, el cocodrilo le dice a Hugo la verdadera razón por la que no puede dormir. ¡Es un murciélago nocturno!

¡Me encantó esta linda historia! Hay mucha repetición en la historia cuando Hugo despierta a cada animal, lo cual es perfecto para lectores jóvenes que aman la repetición.

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Picture Book Review: Dakota Crumb

Dakota Crumb by Jamie Michalak

Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter
by Jamie Michalak (Goodreads Author), Kelly Murphy (Illustrator)
5 out of 5 stars

Little Dakota the mouse goes on a dangerous journey through the museum to search for the long-lost treasure. Along the way, she finds a beautiful painting (a postage stamp), a historic statue (an action figure toy), and at last the shining treasure. But what will she do with the amazing prizes she has gathered?

This is such a cute book! Dakota is full of courage and resourcefulness. I just love stories about little mice making their way through a big world. I love all her funny adventures in the museum! The story encourages using your imagination.

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Comic Review: Narwhal’s School of Awesomeness

Narwhal's School of Awesomeness by Ben Clanton

Narwhal’s School of Awesomeness
by Ben Clanton (Goodreads Author)
5 out of 5 stars

Narwhal follows a group of fish to school, but the teacher is out sick, so Narwhal decides to substitute teach the class with Jelly as the supervisor teacher. The fish learn about waffles and math and science. They have a scavenger hunt to find fun facts about the sea creatures living in the ocean.

The cuteness!! The adorableness!! The sillyness! I can’t get enough of Narwhal and Jelly. They are so cute and lovable!

Each chapter is so delightfully funny! I laughed my head off, and smiled and chuckled with glee. I love the simple yet striking illustrations, and the bright colors. I love the sweetly imaginative dialogue and storylines.

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Picture Book Review: Noah’s Seal

Noah's Seal by Layn Marlow

Noah’s Seal
by Layn Marlow (Goodreads Author)
5 out of 5 stars

Noah wants to go sailing to look for seals, but Nana says that she has to repair the boat. While he waits, Noah crafts a seal out of sand, putting in pebbles and seaweed for the eyes and mouth. A storm sweeps in, and Nana and Noah have to take shelter. When the storm is over, Noah’s sand seal is gone! Will he ever see his seal again?

I loved this sweet book! The ending is so emotional and clever. Noah is such a cute little guy with a big imagination. I love that his Nana is kind and understanding. They have a special relationship.

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Picture Book Reviews: Atticus Caticus, Sophie’s Seashell Scramble, Phoebe Dupree is Coming to Tea!

Atticus Caticus by Sarah Maizes

Atticus Caticus
by Sarah Maizes (Goodreads Author), Kara Kramer (Illustrator)
5 out of 5 stars

A cat named Atticus stretches and yawns and naps in the sunshine. His owner feeds him, and dangles string for him to play with. Atticus sees a bird out the window, but can’t get to it. At bath time, Atticus does his own style of washing by licking his fur.

The best part of this book is the silly rhyming with any word that rhymes with “cat”. Atticus “jumps splat-a-tat-taticus”, and he has a “tummy so fat-ticus”. It’s so funny to read out loud!

I like the cute crayon-style illustrations! Every page has energy and humor in the artwork.

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Spanish Picture Book Reviews: Una Tarde Super Increible, Al Carnaval!, Daniela y las Chicas Pirata

Una Tarde Súper Increíble by A.H. Benjamin

Una Tarde Súper Increíble
by A.H. BenjaminAnne Vasko (Illustrator), Luis Amavisca (Translator)
5 out of 5 stars

Una niña y su abuelo dan un paseo y se encuentran con unos animales súper increíbles que hacen cosas increíbles. El mono los invita a trepar a los árboles, el cocodrilo los invita a chapotear en el agua, la cebra los invita a bailar, el hipopótamo los deja levantar pesas con él, y el tigre los invita a jugar en la cama elástica. Cuando regresan a casa, la niña le cuenta a su abuela sobre su increíble día, pero la abuela no le cree, ¡hasta que todos los animales se presentan a cenar en la casa!

¡Este es un libro tan lindo! Durante la mayor parte de la historia, pensé que la niña y su abuelo solo estaban fingiendo hacer cosas con los animales, ¡así que fue una sorpresa divertida cuando todo resultó ser verdad!

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