Picture Book Review: Ready for the Spotlight!

Ready for the Spotlight! by Jaime Kim

Ready for the Spotlight!
by Jaime Kim

5 out of 5 stars

Tessie is jealous that her big sister Maya always steals the spotlight in their ballet class. Maya is older and has more training with dance, so she gets to wear a crown in the ballet recital. Tessie is so sick of always being overlooked! Until one day in class they have freestyle dancing, and Tessie gets a chance to show her amazing dance skills.

I loved this cute book! It’s so sweet how the sisters navigate some tough emotions of jealousy and inadequacy, and they learn to help and appreciate each other. I love the positive messages in this story as the girls learn to share the spotlight together.

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Picture Book Review: The Little Dancer

The Little Dancer by Géraldine Elschner

The Little Dancer: A Children’s Book Inspired by Edgar Degas
by Géraldine ElschnerOlivier Desvaux (Illustrations)
4 out of 5 stars

Young Jeanne travels to Paris with her mother, hoping to be accepted into the opera ballet. She works very hard to pass the entrance exam, and then spends her days in endless dance classes and rehearsals. When a painter asks Jeanne to model for a sculpture, she is eager to earn some extra money for her mother.

I love the Impressionist art that honors Degas’ style. The blurry lines and smudges of paint are full of meaning. Each page is awash with color and motion. The design of each scene is enchanting, and each dancer is elegant and graceful.

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