Book Review: Dragon and Judge #5

Dragon and Judge by Timothy Zahn

Dragon and Judge (Dragonback, #5)
by Timothy Zahn (Goodreads Author)

5 out of 5 stars

In this fifth book of the series, Jack and Draycos make a quick stop at the planet where Jack’s parents died in an accidental mining explosion. Jack is kidnapped by aliens from a remote area of the planet, and they think he is a Judge sent to mediate their petty legal matters. Jack begins to uncover clues that suggest that his parents were not just miners who died in an accident. They were most likely murdered, and they were not miners at all!

I loved this book so much! Every book in the series is action-packed and full of mystery and danger. I loved that the plot answers some of the questions that came up in the previous book, but then new mysteries and new questions are introduced, so you are always wondering and guessing what could possible happen next.

Alison Kayna is becoming more and more embroiled in Draycos’ plans, and it is interesting to see how this group trusts each other, but only partially. They trust each other for now, but things could change quickly as the situation unfolds.

Draycos’ warrior ethic of always doing what is right is rubbing off on the others more and more, and they find themselves taking risks to help innocent people even when it means going out of their way and losing valuable time or even risking their lives.

I love all the characters, the plot, the themes, the writing style! Everything about this book is just so delightful. I can’t wait to read more from the series!

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