Book Review: Promises and Prophecies

War of the Realms by Lee Watts, Th. D.

War of the Realms: Promises & Prophecies
by Lee Watts, Th. D.
3.5 stars
SYNOPSIS: Alexander is fighting a massive war against the Ramillie. With enemies on every side, he is desperate to make some allies. He gambles everything on one last surprise attack that could mean the end of the war.
Sosimo Larouche, the pirate captain, is closer than ever to finding the lost treasure of the famed Vault Keeper. With his first mate, Mei, he makes a daring plan to steal the final clue, a massive gem.
The angelic guardian, Merrick, tries to undo his mistakes from centuries before. He races against time to stop demonic forces from entering the world.

All the characters and their story lines from the first two books come together in this final epic book in the trilogy. The entire fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, and each soul must decide whether they will accept the forgiveness and grace of God, or side with the evil forces.

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Book Review: The Captain’s Daughters

The Captain's Daughters by Doreen D. Berger

The Captain’s Daughters
by Doreen D. Berger (Goodreads Author)
3 out of 5 stars

Diane and Robin are kidnapped by an alien race to be sold as slaves on a far-away planet. Their father, a starship captain, is searching the galaxy for them, but he will have to travel farther than anyone thought possible in order to rescue his daughters. However, Diane and Robin are not sitting around waiting to be rescued. They take matters into their own hands, and try a daring escape.

I enjoyed this book! The plot is a fun adventure and has some interesting twists. There were a couple of times when lucky coincidences in the plot made it a little unbelievable. I feel like the plot could have been a bit tighter in a few places. But those were few and far between, so I still liked the story a lot!

The writing is really good! I immediately connected with the story and with the characters. The pacing is excellent, and the scenes have a lot of suspense. I laughed several times at some of the funny dialogue! Those girls are so sassy!

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Poetry Review: I Wish I Had a Wookie

I Wish I Had a Wookiee by Ian Doescher

I Wish I Had a Wookiee: And Other Poems for Our Galaxy
by Ian Doescher (Goodreads Author), Tim Budgen (Illustrator)
4 out of 5 stars

I wish I had a Wookie,
To keep the monsters out.
If nightmares came to get me,
You’d hear Chewbacca shout…

This adorable book has poems about Star Wars for children. Some of them are funny, some of them are a little more serious. Some are short or long or in between. They all have cute illustrations! I just love the light-hearted style of these poems, and the art style reflects that silly and playful mood.

Most of the poems deal with every day childhood things like scraping your knee, playing sports, caring for a pet, going to school, hanging with grandparents, and things like that. It’s so cute to see these things through the perspective of beloved Star Wars characters, or children who dress up in costume as their favorite character.

This book would be so much fun to read together with young Star Wars fans. What a delight!

This short poem is one of my favorites…
“Trash Compactor”
My dad yells, “Mae! What have you done?”
He bursts in with a crash.
But how can I create the scene
Unless I use real trash?

Haha! This book will definitely get you laughing!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

Book Review: War of the Realms: Legions and Legacies

War of the Realms by Lee Watts, Th. D.

War of the Realms: Legions & Legacies
by Lee Watts, Th. D.

5 out of 5 stars

Alexander is the heir to the throne of Theera-Enty. As foreign powers take control of the united worlds of Theera-Enty, Alexander struggles to keep his nation together. But it isn’t only human-kind who are working against him. The legendary Guardians must protect Alexander by battling against demonic beings who whisper evil into the minds of men.

The pirate captain, Sosimo, is desperate to find a lost treasure. Alexander’s half-brother, Salazar, will do anything to gain power, and the governments of different planets vie for control in a war that spans thousands of star systems.

This book has an epic scope as the people of Theera-Enty begin a fight against oppression, and Alexander struggles to understand a prophecy regarding the throne. A mysterious key might lead to a treasure beyond imagining but no one can unravel its secrets.

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