Graphic Novel Review: WolfWalkers

WolfWalkers by Tomm Moore

WolfWalkers: The Graphic Novel
by Tomm Moore (Creator), Samuel Sattin (Goodreads Author) (Adapted by)
4 out of 5 stars

Robyn Goodfellowe is the daughter of a wolf hunter, tasked with ridding the forest of all wolves. Although her father has told her to stay home where it is safe, Robyn tracks her father into the forest, armed with a crossbow and assisted by her faithful hawk, Merlyn. Robyn is determined to help her father and kill a few wolves of her own, until she meets a mystical WolfWalker girl. WolfWalkers are humans when they are awake, and transform into wolves when they fall asleep. The two girls begin an unlikely friendship, and Robyn must choose to either save her father or save her new WolfWalker friend.

I loved the magic and the mystical legends in this graphic novel! The magical world-building is really beautiful and imaginative.

I loved Robyn’s character! She is intelligent and brave, and she is fiercely independent, but also has close connections for her family and friends. I love the affectionate relationship she has with her father. They have disagreements and very different goals, but you can see the strong attachment they have. Robyn has such great character development as she tries to navigate her new friendship with the wolves and where her true loyalties lie.

The artwork is vibrantly colored throughout the entire book. I loved the delicate art style, and the way the forest setting is so crisp and cool. There were a couple of places where I couldn’t quite figure out what the background was. There was a perspective shift of some kind, and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, until I realized that it was supposed to be a town in the distance. And there were a couple of action scenes that I had a little trouble following. The panels could have been laid out in a more clear manner in a few places, but most of the time I had no problem following what was happening.

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