Graphic Novel Review: This Was Our Pact

This Was Our Pact by Ryan  Andrews
This Was Our Pact
by Ryan Andrews (Goodreads Author)

5 out of 5 stars

Ben and his friends are determined to follow the river on the night of their Autumn Festival. Every year thousands of lanterns are floated down the river, and legend says that the lanterns float up to join the stars. Ben makes a pact with his friends to find out the truth about where the lanterns go, and they hop on their bikes to follow the lanterns. But the weird kid, Nathaniel, follows them, and when everyone else turns back, Nathaniel and Ben discover the true magic that surrounds the lanterns.

This book is so beautiful and whimsical! I was enchanted from the very beginning. The lovely artwork, the imaginative plot, the emotional characters, and the engaging dialogue kept me entranced through every page.
I just love the character development that Ben goes through as he and Nathaniel’s awkward friendship begins to deepen. They meet a lot of weird and magical characters on their journey, and I loved those crazy characters! You never know quite what to expect, because ANYTHING could happen.
The two friends encounter difficulties, both physical obstacles that they have to overcome, and emotional obstacles that they have to work through.

The artwork is utterly amazing! The colors and graceful lines, and the expressions of the characters, and the magical action, and everything is so perfect!

I’m just so enchanted with this whole book! It’s truly beautiful.

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