Non Fiction Review: Prayer

Prayer by Timothy J. Keller
Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God
by Timothy J. Keller

5 out of 5 stars

This book on prayer gives clear examples from history, hundreds of Scripture references, and inspiring ideas about prayer and how God draws close to us.
The topics include why we need to pray, how great and marvelous prayer truly is, what prayer is and is not, and how to truly encounter God and approach His throne. There are also chapters about traditional ideas of prayer, rules for how to pray, how to prepare our heart for prayer, the elements of confession and adoration that go into a prayer, and an analysis of The Lord’s Prayer.

I especially loved the chapters about meditation, with advice on how to meditate on God’s Word and incorporate quiet meditation into your prayers along with petitions, thanksgiving, and confession.
There are a lot of quotes from old sources such as Martin Luther and St. Augustine that talk about traditional ideas on prayer. I appreciated how the author takes those ideas and the history behind them, and brings them into the modern age, expounding on the same ideas and bringing it all back around to Scripture.

I love the deep writing style that analyzes and scrutinizes every aspect of prayer, but also speaks to the heart. I was truly inspired and learned some new ideas. The writing is easy to understand, but deals with some majestic and cosmic spiritual themes.

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