Non Fiction Review: Practical Yoga Nidra

Practical Yoga Nidra by Scott Moore
Practical Yoga Nidra: A 10-Step Method to Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, and Restore Your Spirit
by Scott Moore

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

This book gives a step-by-step guide to beginning and deepening a Yoga Nidra practice. The first chapter talks about what Yoga Nidra is, and how it can improve your sleep, make you more aware, reduce stress, help you to cope with emotions, and heal your body. Then each chapter focuses on one aspect of Yoga Nidra, opening your awareness to different areas of your body, mind, and spirit.

Each chapter includes a short and a long meditation script that you can prerecord for yourself and then play it back while you meditate. You can choose to do the shorter 5-minute meditation, or the longer one. Meditations includes visualizing a happy and safe place, doing a mental scan of your body, listening to your emotions, observing and releasing your thoughts, focusing on the breath, and setting an intention for your well-being.
The writing style is really good at getting the reader to contemplate their own inner being, and there are some wonderful nuggets of wisdom. However, I didn’t always like the author’s interpretation or the way they phrased things. Some of the book is beautifully written and inspiring, but I mostly skipped over the personal anecdotes of the author, and just read the meditations and the benefits of each stage of Yoga Nidra practice.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review.

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