Graphic Novel Review: Cici’s Journal

Cici's Journal by Joris Chamblain
Cici’s Journal: The Adventures of a Writer-In-Training 
by  Joris Chamblain, Aurélie Neyret (Illustrations)

5 out of 5 stars on GoodREads

Cici loves a good mystery! When she and her friends see an old man lugging paint cans through the forest, Cici will do anything to unravel the enigma of the painter. But when she ignores her friends, lies to her mother, and takes advantage of her writing mentor, Cici could lose everyone she loves if she doesn’t learn to curb her wild curiosity.
This edition includes volumes 1-2 of Cici’s story.
I adore the beautiful illustrations with soft colors and clean lines. Every page is gorgeous, and I read it slowly so that I could enjoy each panel.

Cici’s story is imaginative and whimsical. The plot is interesting and charming, with lots of varied characters. It’s such a sweet story of friendship, reclaiming the past, and learning to trust.

I love that Cici is initially intrigued by the mystery, but then she truly wants to help people and make their lives better. She has a generous heart, but her actions are sometimes misplaced. She has such great character development!

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