Graphic Novel Review: Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer
Gone Rogue (Wires and Nerve, #2) 
by Marissa Meyer  (Author), Stephen Gilpin & Douglas Holgate  (Illustrators)

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Iko and Kinney are teaming up again to stop the bloodthirsty Lunar wolf-soldiers who are terrorizing Earth, but this time Alpha Steele is planning even worse atrocities, murdering and kidnapping Cinder’s friends to get his revenge on the Lunar throne.
Cinder and all the gang are back, navigating the tenuous politics between Earth and Luna, and finding a little time to just hang out as friends.

I really enjoyed seeing more of Iko’s story unfold, and how her unique programming was developed. And of course, I loved seeing all my favorite characters again, being all cute and delightful and fierce.
However, there are just SO many characters, which worked fine in the books, but there are too many for a graphic novel. Sometimes, I had difficulty remembering which character was which, especially the men who tend to look the same. I know all their names, but I guess I couldn’t remember their cartoon faces well enough to recognize them unless someone said their name in the dialogue.

Also, some of my favorite characters didn’t get much “screen time,” and Thorne only had two jokes. There just isn’t enough room in a graphic novel to do them all justice.

I really loved the drama of Scarlet and Wolf’s story, and how it threw some uncertainty and conflict into the story. Their romance is my second favorite of the series, so I was happy to see them being sweet and fiery together.

My favorite romance is Cress and Thorne, and I was disappointed not to see more of them, but they do have a couple of good scenes that made me a happy reader!

And of course, Cinder and Kai are utterly wonderful and adorable and serious. Winter is her own strange and wild self, with Jacin hanging around as her shadow in nearly every scene. I love them all!

I liked the plot, but I thought the final dangerous scene was a little too drawn out with lots of talking. They seemed to be repeating a lot of the same things we already knew, like that Cinder is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends, but her friends won’t let her because she inspires them all with loyalty, etc.. etc.. I don’t know why it took 10 pages to explain all that AGAIN, when we’ve always known it. Just take down the bad guy already, instead of standing around talking to him!

I adore the beautiful illustrations and the blue-tinted artwork! It really brings the world to life and shows the essence of the characters.

Overall, I LOVED revisiting the Lunar world and seeing all my favorite darling characters again. My main difficulty is just that a graphic novel can’t do justice to the wide scope of the books. Still enjoyed it and loved every page!

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