Book Review: Snow White

Snow White by Matt Phelan
5 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

A wonderful retelling of Snow White set in the Jazz Age of America! Snow White is a New York heiress, and she meets seven orphan boys who live on the street. They help Snow White to hide from her stepmother, the “Queen of the Ziegfeld Follies” on Broadway.

I love the 20s costumes, and the contrast between rugged New York streets and the glitz and glam of the Follies. The setting really makes this into a new story, despite the fact that the plot itself follows the original fairy tale pretty closely. There are a few key details that are changed, which kept things interesting.
I like the smokey style of Matt Phelan’s artwork. He leaves things a little blurry, so that you can fill in the blanks with your own imagination. As a result, the reader feels very involved in the storytelling.
The art panels are really well set-up to tell the story in a fluid way and bring in some suspense and drama. Most of the story is told through the body language and facial expressions of the characters. The shadows and colors and light tell most of the story too. His artwork is so descriptive that very little dialogue is needed. Then when there IS dialogue, it becomes that much more powerful and full of meaning. It’s quite genius and deliciously subtle.

I enjoyed this so much! I only wish it were longer. I hope that Phelan retells more fairy tales in his graphic novels!

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