Usborne Book Drive

Books for MKs is a Protestant Christian not-for-profit organization, dedicated to donating books to Missionary Kids on the mission field. We currently mail books to over 140 missionary children! There is no cost to the missionary family at all, and the books are theirs to keep.  It is a free gift!

For the next three days, Books for MKs is holding a fundraiser together with Usborne Books!


Help us reach our goal for donations and Usborne Books will match 50% of donations in free books for the MKs!  This offer expires on Tuesday at midnight, so we need to raise funds quickly!

You can be a part of this amazing ministry, and help send books to children in need! Donate NOW at

We desperately need funds to cover the cost of postage and to buy more books. Help us put a smile on these MKs faces and reading material in their hands!

Receiving a package of books has a huge impact on a missionary family!  Below are some of the emails and letters I have received from MKs and missionary parents on the field.  You can see what a special and needed resource this is for them.


Not a day has gone by since that they haven’t wanted to read a book. This is so encouraging to me, especially as I worried about my son not being interested in reading or learning how to read before! They have a renewed interest in reading now, so thank you so much for that!  I think it really helps to have some new, exciting books rather than just the same, few old ones we had before.” – Missionary Mom in Colombia


“Wow!!!! You should have heard the squealing as they opened the box!  I think these are their first bookmarks, too, so they were really excited about the personal touch.  Thank you!!!!”  – Missionary in Costa Rica


“Dear Miss Kailey, I am 13 years old, and I LOVE to read. Your books have been a great blessing and I am thankful that you sent them. Though I have not met you, I hope one day I will be allowed the pleasure of doing so and know God will bless you very much for your generosity.

                                God Bless!”

Missionary Kid in Peru


Dear Miss Kailey, I am 10 years old . I love reading. I love ODYSSEY videos and can’t wait till I read the book THE KINGS QUEST. You are so kind to send us books .You are very good to us. Last 4 times you sent us books I was very blessed. I know God is using you in a great way.

                                Many Blessings.

Missionary Kid in Peru


 “We got the books! What a wonderful treat to get so many books in the mail. And it was perfect timing. We just moved to our house after months of doing ministry in another location in the country and as you know, transitions can be difficult on children so for her to get a wonderful surprise in the mail at this time was such a blessing. We have already read most of them and she is thrilled! The Frozen one is a big hit!

Attached is a picture of Charlie after she opened the package (sorry it is blurry- she was too excited to stay still) and another one of a card she made for you (it says “Thank you”)!”  – Missionary Mom in West Africa


We are very appreciative of your willingness to send my children some books!  I don’t know what it was like for you or your parents as you grew up  on the field but my husband and I have said many times one of the most encouraging things for us is when others love on our kids (I suppose this is true most anywhere but it seems extra special when we are away from “home” and family).” – Missionary in Peru


“We are just getting to the stage were we now have re-read the children books in our house so often that we seem to know them by heart. Thank you for your amazing help. The books you have send are Nelson, Elia and Joel’s favorite books and they call them their treasures.”Missionary Mom in Papua New Guinea



“Thank you for your great ministry! My boys LOVE your books. I have read your books so many times to our New-Guinean neighbors and our own kids and they all loved the books!” Missionary Mom in Papua New Guinea


“ Nelson, one of our sons, just started reading with the books you sent and he told me: “Mum, I need to practice reading, so I can become a doctor and help the kids in Papua New Guinea who are sick.”Missionary Mom in Papua New Guinea


Thank you for so kindly sending our family a Christmas card. Actually getting a piece of mail is quite special here in Kenya!”Missionaries in Kenya


“Thank you so much for your amazing generosity and kindness at beginning this ministry for MKs.  I have fond memories of my mother reading to my siblings and I every day, and of my family’s weekly trip to the library while I was growing up.  These are the things I want most to provide for my son.” – Missionary Dad in Guatemala


The boys were BOTH excited to get the package of books. By far, their favorite is “Such a Bragger”.  We’ve read them all a few dozen times over the last two days. Benjamin treasures your notes.” – Missionary in Japan


My boys danced around the books and asked me to read them to them on the same day. I wish I could show you their smiles when they opened your parcel. We are so thankful! They were so excited. You and your ministry are a great blessing to us – thank you!!!”Missionary in Papua New Guinea


THANK YOU soooo much for the books that you sent.  We received them with JOY, excitement, and lots of eyes….. seeing which one they wanted to look at first.  “ – Missionary in Peru


“They LOVED the last books!  They got them this last week.   It was funny, I was just as excited as they were.  I was delivered the box, and  I saw our name on it.  I said FOR ME?????????  I never get packages!  Thank you so much!  It was an encouragement.  All the kids loved them.” – Missionaries in Peru



After posting on Facebook how much my sons miss our public library, a friend mentioned BooksforMKs.   I was thrilled to learn that someone cared enough and understood, to see the need to send English books to MKs.” – Missionary in Japan


This is such a treat for my kiddos to receive books! My oldest boy is an avid reader. That boy reads through books faster than I can get them.  My 8 year old likes reading too, but still reads at an easier level. My 6 year old daughter is a struggling beginner reader.  She loves books like Amelia Bedelia.

We read-aloud every night as a family and have almost completed the entire Little House on the Prairie Series. We are having a blast building memories with stories!”Missionary  in Indonesia


Your ministry is a sweet service to The Lord.  Only someone who has grown up like you knows that a library is something that we sure miss!!”Missionary Mom in Honduras


What perfect timing!! God is so good!! Right in the middle of Christmas holidays when we have more time for reading.

Thanks for thinking of us!! Please tell those that have given to this ministry that we so appreciate their giving hearts!” Missionary in Honduras

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