Book Review: Outlaws of Sherwood

The Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley
The Outlaws of Sherwood 
by Robin McKinley

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads


Robin Hood retellings are always a favorite, and this one is no exception. With a new twist on each of the characters in the band of merry men, the story takes on an interesting dynamic, since Robin is actually not a very good archer, and it is Marian who is better known for her skills with the bow. Little John, Alan-a Dale, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, and Robin’s childhood best friend, Much, all join the Sherwood crew at different times, each with their own story and their own personality.

I love that this book is full of interesting dialogue, hidden meanings behind every glance, and characters with a depth that develops through the changing story. The tale takes so many turns, never changing the basics of the Robin Hood legend, but throwing in new and different details that give it lots of spice. Continue reading

Book Review: Deerskin

Deerskin by Robin McKinley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was upsetting to read because the story focuses on a princess who is beaten and raped by her own father, runs away to survive a harsh winter alone in the mountains, where she is assisted by the magical Moon Lady, who gives her a dress made of deerskin. The dark subject material is handled well, because the princess eventually confronts her attacker and finds some emotional healing, but it’s rough reading about all that pain and abuse.

Usually I love this author’s books, but this one was not enjoyable because of the subject material. Her writing style is excellent, but there were many redundant paragraphs and too many details, which made the story slow.

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Pegasus Giveaway! [Closed]

To celebrate the anniversary of my first BookTube video, I’m hosting this giveaway!  I’ll be giving away a lovely hardbound copy of Robin McKinley’s “Pegasus” to a randomly selected winner.  Good luck to everyone!

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Pegasus by Robin McKinley

On her twelfth birthday, Princess Sylviianel is ceremonially bound to her own Pegasus, Ebon. For a thousand years humans and pegasi have lived in peace, relying on human magicians and pegasi shamans to converse. But close friends Sylvi and Ebon can talk. As their bond strengthens, can their friendship threaten to destroy the peace between their nations?

-GoodReads Description