Non Fiction Review: A Year of Mindfulness for Beginners

A Year of Mindfulness for Beginners by Lee Papa
A Year of Mindfulness for Beginners: Daily Mantras, Meditations, and Prompts
by Lee Papa (Goodreads Author)

2 out of 5 stars

This book includes inspirational quotes from famous people like Nikola Tesla and Eleanor Roosevelt. I really loved these interesting quotes from a wide variety of people!

Most of the meditation prompts and guidance in this book are innocent reminders to release stress, focus on what is important, believe in yourself, and allow yourself to relax. But sometimes there will be a weird one that made me wonder about the underlying philosophy that is being taught in this book. It is very focused on self, and talks about an “Eternal Consciousness”. There is an entire chapter about interpreting your dreams that sounded completely idiotic to me.

There is a lot of talk about “creating your own reality” and other strange ideas. (Reality is reality. You can change your perception of it or how you think about it, but what is real is real. You don’t create it. It just is.) While reading, I would just try to enjoy the normal meditations and mindfulness prompts, and skip over the weird ones.
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Non-Fiction Review: 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Teens

5-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Teens by Nicole Libin
5-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Teens
by Nicole Libin

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

This book begins with explaining what meditation is, and what it isn’t, assuring the reader that you don’t have to force happy, peaceful emotions or clear your mind of all thought in order to successfully meditate. It’s just about being present and aware in each moment, and finding acceptance no matter what thoughts or emotions come up.

One thing that I did not like about the explanation section is that it promotes some very leftist ideas and abnormal ideologies as though they are normal. “In a society where you’re judged and targeted for things you can’t control, like your sexuality, the color of your skin, or your body or gender identity…” “[Meditation] can’t do much about racism, homophobia, or sexism on a broad scale. But it can help you deal with all that…”
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