Non Fiction Review: Make Great Decisions

Make Great Decisions Christian Workbook for Teen Girls by Jocasta Odom
Make Great Decisions Christian Workbook for Teen Girls
by Jocasta Odom

4 out of 5 stars

This Christian workbook has wonderfully positive encouragement for young girls, reminding them that they are daughters of the King, more than conquerors through Christ, and they can navigate tough decisions in life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This book is peppered with Bible verses on every page, and excellent affirmations and Biblical truths to boost the confidence of the young Christian. The Scriptures are taken from various translations like NIV, MSG, NASB, and ESV, so the reader might want to read along with their own preferred Bible edition.

One of the special things about this workbook is the variety of activities included. There are quizzes, true or false questions, meditations and prayers, creative writing exercises, and ways to serve God in your family, school, neighborhood, and church. Continue reading

Non-Fiction Review: Never Go Back

Never Go Back by Henry Cloud
Never Go Back 

Henry Cloud (Goodreads Author)
4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

This book demonstrates ten life lessons that will teach you never to go back to your old patterns or make the same mistake twice. They include things like…
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
Don’t trust the wrong people.
Don’t forget why you’re here.
Don’t take your eyes off the big picture.
Don’t try to please everyone.

I enjoyed reading this because it has a lot of commons sense approaches to problems that are universal, and gives real solutions to difficult situations. One of the good things about this book is that it focuses on the only thing we can control… ourselves. It gives real hope that our life can change, because we can change ourselves, our habits and patterns, our thinking, and our reactions and choices. Continue reading

Book Review: Sex and the Single Girl

Sex and the Single Girl
Sex and the Single Girl by Juli Dr Slattery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Christian book is designed to be read in daily or weekly increments over 6 weeks, but I read it all in two days! It has reflective questions at the end of each section that can be answered alone or in a group study.
I loved that this book is saturated with Scripture! Almost every other page quotes Scripture or refers to a Bible example. The writing is thoughtful, and exhorts the reader to think carefully about God’s Word, and to examine our hearts circumspectly. It really puts a spotlight on the truth of spiritual warfare, and how our sexual nature plays a large part in that battle. Continue reading

Book Review: Eating with the King

Eating with the King
Eating with the King by Terri Rockwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so impressed with this little book, especially because every page quotes Scripture! There are so many positive messages of encouragement in this book. Instead of making people feel guilty about their cravings, and their eating habits, or how their body looks, this book offers healing, positive attitudes, triumphant freedom, and constantly points the reader to Christ.

I think this book could apply to any craving or addiction, not just eating food. The messages in this book would help with anything that draws us away from God, forms a bad habit, or entices us to harm our health in some way. Continue reading

Book Review: Changes That Heal

Changes That Heal: The Four Shifts That Make Everything Better…And That Anyone Can Do
Changes That Heal: The Four Shifts That Make Everything Better…And That Anyone Can Do by Henry Cloud

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book inspired me, gave me spiritual healing, and had incredible insight into why people are broken and how God can heal that brokenness.
I love that each concept starts with an example of brokenness, leads into the spiritual lesson with Biblical text, explains the real reasons behind our behavior, and then gives practical solutions to heal and change for the better.
And it’s not just about being “better”; it’s about being the person God truly created you to be.

The writing has a lot of spiritual depth, but also a common sense approach to applying the spiritual concepts. It’s clear enough that anyone can understand it and relate to it, but also deeply insightful so that you need to stop and think carefully and prayerfully about the ideas presented.

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Book Review: Warrior Chicks

Warrior Chicks: Rising Strong When Life Wants to Take You Down
Warrior Chicks: Rising Strong When Life Wants to Take You Down by Holly Wagner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an empowering book about relying on God, surviving the battles of life, and being beautiful just the way you are! It’s definitely an inspiring and encouraging book!
One thing I really loved about this book is that it doesn’t just encourage you to survive through the dark places in life, but to also overcome that darkness and come out on the other side with inner light that you can shine onto others. Continue reading