Book Review: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by R.A. Dick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This little book was everything I wanted it to be! After seeing the movie many times, I had to read the book, and I was pleased to see that they are almost exactly alike, even down to some of the dialogue. Of course, I was imagining the actors through the entire thing, and I loved it!

Sweet little Mrs. Muir is widowed with two little children, and to escape her husband’s interfering relations, she moves into a cottage by the sea. But this cottage is haunted by an old sea captain’s ghost! Mrs. Muir befriends the ghost and the two learn to tolerate each other, and even support and rely on one another through the ups and downs of the years. Continue reading