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Anatomy Book Tag

1. Integumentory (Skin) System: A book cover that describes the inside of the book well.
2. Skeletal System: A book in a series that puts a firm standing in the series (backbone if you will).
3. Muscular: a book or series that moved you into the reading world.
4. Nervous: Book that made you do crazy things.
5. Endocrine: Book/series that gave you deep feelings (all the feels).
6. Cardiovascular: Series that kept your heart pumping.
7. Lymphatic: A series/book you change/purge and start over.
8. Respiratory: A book/series you felt breathless when you finished.
9. Digestive: A book you had to let sit and digest in your head before you could move on.
10. Urinary: A book/ series you feel had potential but was peed away.
11. Reproductive: If you could mix 2 books/series to make a new book/series what would they be and why?