Book Review: The Little Bookroom

The Little Bookroom by Eleanor Farjeon

The Little Bookroom
by Eleanor Farjeon, Edward Ardizzone (Illustrator)

5 out of 5 stars

This charming collection of short stories includes elements from fairy tales, from Victorian England, and even from WWII. The settings are just as varied, sometimes in England, sometimes in a fairy land, sometimes in Italy or Ireland. There are magical giants, kings, and dragons, and sometimes just a donkey, a parlormaid, or a plain peach tree. The fantastical and the ordinary are blended so beautifully in each story.

I love the enchanting writing style. Each story draws you into a spectacular world of ladies and knights, or raggedy children on the street, or a sad little girl who has been sent to the country during the London Blitz. No matter the setting or the characters, the writing makes each one feel immediate and significant, while also entertaining you with funny little dialogue or magical tricks.

There’s just something so graceful and sweet about all these stories! Each one is a treasure. Each one left me thinking and pondering about it.

Long after I had put in my bookmark and set the book aside, I carried these stories with me through the day. I dreamed about them at night. The writing is just that powerful and memorable!

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