Classic Review: Persuasion

Persuasion by Jane Austen

by Jane Austen
5 out of 5 stars
Anne Elliot meets Captain Wentworth again after breaking off their engagement eight years before. She is filled with doubt and anxiety, and wonders how she should behave and whether or not his feelings have changed. Captain Wentworth tries to ignore her without actually being rude, and flirts with other young ladies of their acquaintance. It is impossible to tell if he is trying to hide a broken heart or if he has truly left behind his old feelings for Anne, but a few little words and looks might tell the true story.

A perfect masterpiece! Every time I reread this book I love it more and more, and see more depth in the characters, and more humor in the sarcastic writing style.

There are so many sweet little moments between Anne and Captain Wentworth! A glance, a small gesture, a chance word; all these things create such a suspense and make the story exciting. It’s the little undercurrents of emotion behind everyday scenes that make this book so special. On the surface, the plot doesn’t have much going on; but we get such an intimate look into Anne’s heart, and so much depth from each of the supporting characters, that it shows that there is quite a lot happening under the surface.

This book isn’t as humorous as some of Austen’s other writing, but it does have a lot of dry humor. It’s an understated humor that is just the style that I love. Every time I reread it, I find it funnier and more enjoyable. Some of the supporting characters, like Anne’s sister Mary, are so extremely silly that they feel like caricatures. Anne must be an angel to put up with all their nonsense. It does make for some very funny scenes and hilarious dialogue though!

I really love how the writing analyzes the personalities of each character. Anne is a very intelligent and thoughtful person, so we get to hear her reasoning about the merits and faults of her family and friends. She is compassionate but sensible and discerning. She is not blind to their silliness, but loves them in spite of it. This gives us wonderful insights into the family dynamics, the friendships, and loyalties of each person around Anne. We also get to see how these relationships grow and change through the events of the story.

This book is a forever favorite!

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