Classic Book Review: Emily’s Quest

Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery

Emily’s Quest (Emily, #3)
by L.M. Montgomery
4.5 out of 5 stars

Emily is left behind at New Moon while her friends pursue their dreams and travel the world. She throws herself into her writing and struggles to get her stories published, but gradually earns the respect of her family when she begins to make her writing a success. Through a series of mishaps, she loses her connection to some of her dearest friends and her childhood sweetheart, Teddy Kent. She searches for happiness with a man she doesn’t really love. Emily has to face the truth deep within her heart before she loses Teddy Kent for good.

This has always been my least favorite book in the Emily trilogy. She spends so much of the book being lonely and melancholy, and it makes me depressed. There isn’t as much humor in this book as the other ones. However, it is still an excellent book and an enjoyable read!

I love the intricacies of Emily’s character as she is really learning what it means to be “grown up” and take responsibility for your life. She is a deeply complex person, and I love the internal battles she fights with herself.

The plot is a little slow in places, especially in chapters that have Emily’s journal entries. But there are other exciting scenes in the plot and wild storylines that make up for the slower bits. The ending is much too rushed. It needs more of a denouement. Everything is resolved much too quickly, and it always leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Still, it is a wonderful conclusion to Emily’s story!

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