Board Book Review: The Cuddle Book

The Cuddle Book by Mifflin Lowe

The Cuddle Book
by Mifflin LoweDelia Ciccarelli (Illustrations)
4 out of 5 stars
There are two important questions when it comes to the subject of cuddling: Where and when to cuddle, and who to cuddle? Cuddling can chase away sadness on a rainy day. A big group hug makes us feel happy and loved. Hugging is the best way to share joy and lose our worries.

This adorable book reminds us that cuddling our friends, family, or pets with affection can be liberating and bring joy and laughter! I liked the sweet rhyming text and beautiful illustrations.

Every character in the artwork is cute and snuggly with contented smiles on their faces. They are cuddling while watching TV, doing their bedtime routine, playing with soap bubbles, or climbing a tree.

I also appreciated that the characters are diverse and all different. They all come from different races and ethnicities. Some have disabilities or glasses. Even their clothing and hair styles are culturally diverse. It’s refreshing to see such a group of characters hugging and holding hands and kissing cheeks in a big group “people-pile-tangle”.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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