Non Fiction Review: 60 Days of Faith for Women

60 Days of Faith for Women by Cameron Trimble
60 Days of Faith for Women: A Devotional to Deepen Gratitude, Praise, and Prayer
by Cameron Trimble 

1 out of 5 stars

I’m very disappointed in this book. It’s extremely self-centered and full of the worst kind of heresy. Every devotional and journal prompt is completely focused on the self, instead of being focused on God. This book asks, “What do I think?” instead of “What God does say?”

There are Bible verses taken out of context, and lesson applications that don’t even match the topic of the Bible verse. The author doesn’t seem knowledgeable about theology or Scripture interpretation. (I graduated from a Bible college, so I know stupid when I see it.)
There is a strong humanistic philosophy throughout the book. It’s all about how humanity can triumph, and God is added in as an afterthought. Each devotional is a story or anecdote about people (with not one mention of God being involved in their story), and then a couple of vague sentences about God at the end. Every journal prompt asks, “How do I feel about this? What can I do about this?” instead of “What does God say about this? How can God help me in this? How can I trust God more and rely on Him?” God is basically left out of the equation.

This is humanism, the worship of humanity, dressed up in some Christianity to make it look pretty. There’s some “unconscious thought theory” thrown in there, and a little transcendentalism, animism, along with some other weird beliefs which are obviously not in the Bible and are not part of true Christianity.

At one point, the author refers to God as a “large energy source” that we can tap into through prayer. I don’t even know what kind of esoteric heresy that is.

Just for a little second opinion…. I showed this book to my mother (a pastor’s wife for 40 years also with a degree from a Bible college), and she said, “The author is using Jesus and the Bible as props to push women to worship self.” She also said, “Buncha bulldookey.” I have to agree.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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