Non Fiction Review: Stretch

3 out of 5 stars

I picked up this book because the author has co-written the new Marie Kondo book, Joy at Work. I wanted to check out other books by this author before I read Marie Kondo’s new book.
I was disappointed.

The writing is much too verbose, taking forever to make a clear point. Every chapter is FULL of stories; true stories, anecdotes, business stories, and examples of people who succeeded or failed. Then the author uses the example from the story to illustrate their point about being resourceful with little instead of grasping for more.But the long story takes up a couple of pages, and the lesson is maybe a couple of paragraphs. There are few examples outside the world of business, and I was hoping for a more diverse approach to resourcefulness at home and in personal relationships.

I got bogged down in all the many stories. The writing jumps from story to story, and I just couldn’t process all those different people and their businesses. I lost interest pretty quickly, and began skipping the stories and just reading the paragraphs with the lessons.

It would have been better if the writing had focused on ONE powerful story for each chapter (instead of several), and then spent more time explaining the lesson, and applying the lesson to more varied life situations. I love a good example story, but there were just too many.

The author could have used “the power of less” in including fewer stories.

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