Non Fiction Review: Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids by Trisha Riché
Creativity for Kids: 75 Fun Activities to Promote Creative Thinking and Self Expression
by Trisha Riché

5 out of 5 stars

This book has tons of great activities for young children ages 6-9 to keep them active, creative, and confident. Different activities focus on problem-solving, working as a team, using your imagination, making art, telling stories, and improvising.

The first chapter explores what creativity really is, and how to encourage children to be expressive. There are tips for reducing screen time, guiding the creative process, teaching children to think in different ways and explore their individuality with a growth mindset.

The chapters are divided by imaginative activities, arts and crafts, role play, and collaboration games. Each activity comes with clear instructions, an estimate of the prep time, a list of needed materials, and some tips and benefits of the activity.
The activities are really interesting and varied! There are a lot of activities for building things, like a toothpick tower, and for writing and storytelling, like the story jar that gives you a story prompt and you have to make up a story about the subject given.

There are also adorable illustrations for some of the activities that show children doing the activity, or that show children imagining something from the activity. Whether on a deserted island, playing a guitar, rocketing into the future, or running an obstacle course, the illustrations are a fun way to draw the reader in and get them curious about doing and making and creating!

The arts chapter includes activities for drawing, crafts, dancing, and music. Since I am a musician, I really loved seeing the music games that teach about rhythm and sounds!

Some other activities include putting on a play with sock puppets, playing charades, creating a castle out of old boxes, and making a tent out of blankets. But others of the activities are really original, like creating art by splashing balls of paint onto a canvas outdoors, making your own snow globe, making a musical instrument like a guitar or drum, going on a sound scavenger hunt to identify different sounds, writing your own lyrics to a song.

Some of the more movement-centered activities are setting up and then running through an obstacle course, doing an interpretive dance with scarves, balancing on a “tightrope”, designing and navigating through a maze, and imagining you are a zombie.

There are just so many wonderful options for games and activities in this book! These are sure to inspire children and spark their curiosity in wonderful ways!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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