Book Review: The Magic Half

The Magic Half by Annie Barrows
The Magic Half
by Annie Barrows

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Miri is the only single child in a family of twins. When she is whisked back in time, she meets a girl from 1935 named Molly, and the two embark on a mission to save Molly from her abusive aunt and cousins. But the magic that allowed Miri to travel through time is unpredictable, and it will take a special perspective for Molly and Miri to unravel the mysteries of time before it’s too late.

I liked the plot and the adorable characters! Miri is so relatable and sweet, and Molly is quite brave in the face of her terrible relatives.
The plot is not amazingly mind-blowing, but it kept my interest and I liked the interesting magic system that allowed Miri to travel through time.
The writing style is fine, but it gets extremely redundant and that was annoying. When a plot point happens, the writing often recaps all the points that led up to the new plot point as if the reader needed to be reminded again.
For instance, Molly finds the remains of an old barn, just a few bricks outlining where the barn used to be, and we have to hear AGAIN how her mother told her there used to be a barn out by the apple orchard, and how there was a thief years ago who might have hidden his loot in the old barn, and how the barn was hidden from view behind the orchard and it would have been the perfect place to hide stolen jewels and on and on and on with information we already know.

This happens often and I found myself skimming through paragraphs of redundant information.

A good story with sweet characters and decent writing. I liked it!

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