Book Review: Away from Home

Away from Home by Arleta Richardson
Away from Home (Grandma’s Attic, #5)
by Arleta Richardson

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Mabel and Sarah Jane are staying with relatives while attending a prestigious high school in the city. Their parents think that at the responsible age of sixteen the two girls should be able to stay out of trouble, but no matter how hard they try to be sensible, trouble seems to find them anyway.

Mabel wears herself out studying and trying to beat Warren for the top grades in their class, until a brutal accident teaches her what really matters in life. Sarah Jane teases Mabel into asking the most popular and handsome boy in school to a social, even though they’ve never met! Clarice, the snobbiest girl in school, plots to embarrass Mabel in front of her friends, and Mabel has a hard time forgiving her new enemy.
I loved the sweet plot and the old-fashioned writing style! Mabel and Sarah Jane are so hilarious and adorable, and I was really entertained with all their mischief. The characters are interesting, but not very complex. The stories are simple and the characters are straightforward, perfect for a children’s book.

I also enjoyed the small references to Scripture that are hidden in the dialogue. Mabel and her friends talk about loving your neighbor, praying to God, and forgiving your enemies. It never feels preachy and adds depth and meaning to the story.

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