Classic Book Review: Love and Freindship

Love and Friendship and Other Early Works by Jane Austen
Love and Freindship, and Other Early Works 
by Jane Austen

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

This hilarious collection of Jane Austen’s early attempts at writing show how witty and sharp she could be even at a young age. It’s such a pity that all the short stories here are unfinished.
I was laughing and chuckling at every page, because of the sketches of ridiculous characters in awkward situations.
“Love and Friendship” follows the life of Laura through her love-at-first-sight encounter with a handsome stranger, her ill-advised marriage, and how she was thrown upon the kindness of friends for financial support. It’s full of fainting women, comical misunderstandings, and a rich old grandfather who shows up at the most convenient times. Full of true Austenian satire.

“Lesley Castle” is no less hilarious, as two very tall sisters meet their new extremely-short stepmother. All the ladies hate each other upon sight, and complain to their friends about the others’ shortcomings with spiteful and snarky dialogue.

“The Three Sisters” tells the story of Mary and her sisters, Sophy and Georgiana, who must decide which of them will marry the odious Mr. Watts for his money and fortune in jewels. Mary especially hates Mr. Watts, who is very unpleasant, but she wants to lord it over her sisters by being the first to be married and flaunt her new jewels. She spends almost the entire story wavering between accepting or rejecting Mr. Watts’ proposal with humorous results.

In the writing style, you can see this delightful little kernel of the author she would become. I enjoyed reading this so much!

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