Book Review: The Stones of Green Knowe

The Stones of Green Knowe
The Stones of Green Knowe by L.M. Boston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is nothing like Boston’s writing! She can take a simple story, and make it full of action and meaning. She can introduce a single character, and immediately you are completely invested in this person’s world.

In this book, the magical stories of Green Knowe are told from the perspective of Roger d’Oldknow, whose father is building the new manor house of Green Knowe in the times of the Normans and Saxons. Roger is worried that the house he loves won’t last or stand the test of time, but when he is whisked into the future, he sees the house in all its beauty and his descendants living there in peace.

Roger is a spirited and energetic person, with an eye for glory in even the small but important things. He truly cares about Green Knowe, and wants to see it prosper. I loved how protective he is of his family and how he feels responsible for everyone on his land.
He’s also a lonely person, so when he discovers the other children in different times, he is so delighted to have people to relate to and have adventures with. And as the reader, I felt all this right along with him. I was that lonely person delighted to find companionship! I was the young person looking for some fun and adventure and wondering what the future would hold. The writing draws you in so entirely!

It was interesting to visit Tolly and Linnet and Alexander and everyone from the other side of time, since we’ve already heard their stories in the previous books. What a rich history that house has! You can really feel the centuries of time stretched out before you in this book. Brilliant writing!

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