Book Review: Lioness Rampant

Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce
Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness, #4) 
by Tamora Pierce (Goodreads Author)

2 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Alanna is finally a knight errant, following quests for magical objects and roaming beyond the lands of Tortall. But she still isn’t quite happy with her fate, and longs to do another great deed for her country to prove her worth as a knight. She sets out on a quest for the mountains at the Rim of the World to win the Dominion Jewel, rumored to bring prosperity to any country whose ruler owns the jewel. While Alanna journeys in distant lands, Tortall is in danger again from the evil Duke Roger, who threatens Prince Jonathan from beyond the grave.

Once again, I was very disappointed in this book. How many lovers can this girl have in 4 books?!?! It’s disgusting and ridiculous how she sleeps around with these men and she’s still a teenager!! I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the book because the romance is so idiotic and gross. Continue reading

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man: Book Review

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness, #3) 
by Tamora Pierce

2 out of 5 stars on GoodReads


Alanna is a full-fledged knight and leaves the court of Tortall to seek adventure in the southern deserts. She encounters a nomadic desert tribe, and is forced into a duel for her life. If she wins the duel, she will be adopted by the tribe as a Bazhir warrior. The Shaman of the Bazhir tribe warns the people that Alanna will anger the gods and bring calamity to them all, and Alanna has to prove that she is as good as any man, not just with a sword but with her magic too.

Once again, I was extremely disappointed in this book. Alanna is so great when she’s fighting, and helping people with her magic, and making friends, and teaching youngsters to control their budding magic. She is hardworking and tough and compassionate. She is such a delight in those scenes!

And then she goes sleeping around with two different men. This is not a series for middle grade! I just don’t understand why any of that is in this book.

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Alanna Readalong: Book Review #2

Can you tell I was frustrated with this book? Leave me a comment, and tell me about a book that made you frustrated!
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Book Review: In the Hand of the Goddess

In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce
In the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness, #2) 
by Tamora Pierce (Goodreads Author)

2.5 out of 5 stars

Alanna is a teenage girl who pretends to be a boy so that she can train as a squire and learn to be a knight in the royal palace of Tortall. Only a few people know about Alanna’s true identity, among them, her dearest friends, Prince Jonathan, and George, the King of Thieves. In the midst of a war with a neighboring kingdom, Alanna starts out with a determination to focus on her knightly studies, but she gets distracted by the temptations of love. With the protection of a Goddess upon her, Alanna uses her magic to unmask a deadly enemy within the very walls of the palace.

I was disappointed in this book. So disappointed in Alanna. She makes very bad decisions,

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Book Review: Alanna: The First Adventure

Alanna by Tamora Pierce
Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness, #1) 
by Tamora Pierce (Goodreads Author)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Alanna switches places with her twin brother, so that he can study magic with the priests and become a sorcerer, and Alanna can study to become a knight in the royal palace.  She pretends to be a boy, and joins the pages in the palace. She learns to fight and begins to control her magical abilities. But it’s difficult keeping her biggest secret, her true gender, from all the boys around her!

I really enjoyed this book, and I read it in one sitting! Couldn’t put it down. The writing style has a few flaws, but the memorable characters and fascinating plot make up for it. A few trite “fairy tale” sort of things pop up (King of Thieves, a horse named Moonlight, a sword named Lightning), but I like them anyway. Not exactly original sometimes, but the oldies are the goodies. Continue reading