Book Review: Maylie and the Maze

Maylie and the Maze by M.L. Tarpley

Maylie and the Maze (Tales of a Travel Girl #1)
by M.L. Tarpley , Monica Bruenjes 

3 out of 5 stars
Maylie is finding it difficult to write a story, any story. She has plenty of ideas, but keeps second-guessing herself when she starts to write. Hoping to find inspiration, she goes on a trip to London with her aunt, her grandmother, and her twin brother, Camden.

Maylie is a great character. I liked being inside her head and seeing all her fears and anxieties, and how she manages to overcome those things. I liked Aunt Layla because she is always encouraging and inspiring. Camden got on my nerves (just like he is supposed to) as the annoying brother character, but I could also see hidden depths in his personality reminding me that he is more than just an immature class clown. There is some good character development for both Maylie and Camden.

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