November: Reading Month of Shame

After I filmed this, I realized that it might seem like I am shaming other people who don’t read a ton. Please don’t think that! I’m just disappointed in myself for not reaching my reading goal.
If your reading goal is 2 books per month, then that is awesome!
I would NEVER want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel that their reading goals are inferior in some way.

Also, I’m being a bit facetious when I say November is the “month of shame” or I say that my reading was “pathetic”. I mean that it is not the usual reading standard that I have for myself, NOT for others.
Everybody has their own reading pace and style, and some have more free time in their day to dedicate to reading. We can’t all read the same amount of books; that would be ridiculous! haha!
I love all my dear bookish friends, so please know that I meant no harm in this vid.
God Bless!