Book Review: The Bobbsey Twins in Washington

The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in Washington by Laura Lee Hope

The Bobbsey Twins’ Adventure in Washington
by Laura Lee Hope

3 out of 5 stars

The Bobbsey family travel to Washington for a visit and see all the famous tourist sites. They wait outside the White House hoping to catch a glimpse of the President, and they see him and the First Lady driving out of the gates. They smile and wave, and the First Lady blows a kiss to the cute twins.

Bert and Nan are on the look out for a special set of china dishes. Their neighbor has promised to pay $100 to anyone who can find her stolen heirloom dishes. Everyone keeps telling the twins that it’s very unlikely that the dishes will every turn up again, since they were stolen years ago, but the Bobbsey twins are trusting to luck to perhaps find the missing china.

I used to love these books when I was a girl. The writing is very simple and the plot is straight-forward. Not much really happens. It’s mostly peaceful and happy with little adventures that resolve quickly. Just right for little readers.

I have enjoyed reading more of these books as an adult. They are just so peaceful and soothing, reminding me of happy times in my childhood.

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