Picture Book Review: Pina

Pina by Elif Yemenici

by Elif Yemenici, Sidndey Wade (Translation)

2 out of 5 stars

Pina is afraid to leave his house. But when he runs out of cheese, he is forced to go outside. At first, he is frightened of everything, but nothing bad happens and Pina gets his cheese from the shop. Later he discovers that he needs other items, and has go to out into the world again, but this time he is not so nervous. He meets a neighbor and says hello. Gradually Pina realizes that the world outside his home is wonderful and colorful. He ventures out more often and discovers the beauties of the world.

I liked the sweet story about a person overcoming their anxiety. The text is very thoughtful and emotional. There are such positive messages about courage and resilience. It’s really inspirational!

But I hated the art style. Pina’s eyes are too big, and it makes him look creepy. There are eyeball posters in his room that look freaky and strange. There are even eyeballs in the plants on the cover.
I didn’t like the claymation style of the art. Some of the art is clay, and some of it is in pencil. It looks weird. I just hated every page of art. Maybe some people would like this style, but it was not for me.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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