Trilogy Review: Zombert Chronicles

Rise of Zombert by Kara LaReau
Revenge of ZomBert by Kara LaReau
Return of ZomBert by Kara LaReau

Rise of Zombert, Return of ZomBert, Revenge of ZomBert

by Kara LaReau (Author), Ryan Andrews(Illustrations)

4 out of 5 stars

Mellie finds a stray cat and names him Bert. Bert won’t eat regular cat food, and prefers to hunt for mice and frogs and squirrels. His strange behavior causes Mellie’s friends to speculate that Bert might be a zombie cat! But Bert’s unique abilities are the result of his past at the YummCo factory. Could the factory have experimented on animals and created a monster zombie cat? Mellie loves him anyway.

This trilogy is so funny and exciting! I loved the mysterious plot and the interesting characters. Mellie is a wonderful main character. She has a complex personality and I loved seeing all the different relationships she has with friends and with her weird family. She has a lot of confidence in herself, and this helps her to stand up to bullies and adopt an ugly cat and save the day.

This is the perfect trilogy for kids who want something a little bit creepy, but not scary. Bert leaves headless rodent corpses for Mellie, but it’s not super gross. Only a little gross. At one point in the trilogy, we do see some mild zombie action, but they don’t eat brains. Bert likes to hang out in a graveyard, but it’s not too spooky.

I liked the black and white illustrations that bring the story to life! The artwork is really good, and I liked the designs for all the characters.

I enjoyed learning about the town where Mellie lives and about the history of the mysterious YummCo Food factory. The setting is interesting and gives some depth to the story.

There are a few shorter chapters that are told from Bert’s perspective. I thought it was kind of odd that most of the story is told in first person narration from Mellie’s POV, and then the chapters from Bert’s POV are in third person. It’s kind of a bold choice for a writing style, but it works.

The best part about this trilogy is how funny it is! I was laughing and giggling, and it’s just FUN.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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