Book Review: The Ordinary Princess

The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye

The Ordinary Princess
by M.M. Kaye

5 out of 5 stars

At Princess Amy’s christening, one of the fairies grants her the gift of ordinariness. Compared to her beautiful royal sisters, Amy is plain and ordinary. All her sisters have long blonde hair and perfect complexions. Amy has short mousey brown hair and freckles on her nose. As Amy grows up the royal family is distressed, because no prince wants to marry an ordinary princess with freckles. Princess Amy must take her destiny into her own hands, and prove that you don’t have to be beautiful and perfect to find happiness.

I loved this fairy tale so much! I liked that the story takes all the lovely tropes that I look for in fairy tales, and gives them a new twist. The story is refreshing and modern, but also includes all the traditional elements of a good old-fashioned fairy tale. I liked the juxtaposition of the fancy royal traditions versus the common-sense normalness of ordinary people.

The writing is so charming and fun! Every page is dripping with deliciously vivid words that draw you into the fairy tale world. There is a lot of comedy already in the plot, but the writing style makes it even more hilarious and sarcastic.

I loved Amy’s character! She is very determined and independent, and she scoffs at all the ridiculous royal traditions that keep her family enslaved to their perfect fancy customs. She breaks free and creates her own happiness. It’s inspiring and exciting!

I was completely enchanted with this lovely book!

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