Book Review: Eclipse

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3)
by Stephenie Meyer

4 out of 5 stars

I love all the extra backstories and world building that we get in this book. Just when you think you know everything about vampires and werewolves, we get Jasper’s backstory about the vampire wars in the south, and we get to hear the Quileute legends about how werewolves first came to be. I just love these imaginative and compelling stories within the main story!

I love Edward’s character arc in this book. In the beginning, he is reacting to his past mistakes. He left Bella, and now there are consequences for that, so he swings way over to the other side of the pendulum, becoming wildly protective over her. He tries so hard to make up for his foolishness in the past, that he becomes foolish in the other direction. It’s so relatable, because we all have stupid and toxic behavior at times when we are scared. But eventually, he grows and learns and finds balance somewhere in the middle. He begins to trust Bella more, and realizes that he has to let her have the freedom to make her own decisions. Such great character growth!

I don’t mind a love triangle as long as all the characters have well-developed complex personalities and their own character arc. If one person has practically no backstory and no other purpose for being there other than to “mix things up” that bothers me. But all three characters in this love triangle are wonderfully complex and relatable and endearing, so I don’t mind it.

I find it weird but believable that Bella could really love both Edward and Jacob at the same time, because the reader loves them both too. I find it very interesting that she is warring with two halves of herself; the person she could be with Jacob, or the immortal she could be with Edward. It’s such a cool character arc for Bella to realize that the war was within herself all along. She always exudes this steady personality, but she finally realizes that she has been pushing down the conflict within herself.

Jacob is weirdly adorable and annoying at the same time. He is not the type of happy-go-lucky personality that attracts me. I like Edward better, because I myself am a more serious person. Jacob is just too reckless and wild for my taste. But I can see how Bella is so strongly connected with him and how in many ways, he is her perfect match. He makes her laugh, and teases her, and knows her very well. The writing really shows that powerful connection between them.

Charlie is so hilarious in this book! He really hates Edward, and wishes that Bella would hang out with Jacob more. It makes for some really funny scenes that had me laughing!

I am always amazed at this author’s writing style. There is something so immediate and emotional in her scenes. Even if Bella is just doing something boring like eating cereal, there is an emotional undercurrent that makes every action meaningful. It captivates me every time.
I stayed up until 2am reading it. That says it all.

This book is not perfect, but I really loved it. The flaws were not severe enough to ruin my enjoyment, and all the good things and the wonderful characters made it so satisfying to read.

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