Book Review: Murder on the Links

The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie

The Murder on the Links
by Agatha Christie
5 out of 5 stars

Hercule Poirot and his friend, Captain Hastings, have been called to a small village in France, where a millionaire is in fear for his life. But when Poirot arrives, the man has already been murdered. The body was discovered nearby on a golf course, and a myriad of conflicting clues surround the murder.

I loved this mystery! All the clues and red herrings kept me guessing and wondering, and it was amazing to see the methodical way in which Poirot sifts through the evidence to find the truth.

When I read the final reveal of who the murderer was, I literally yelled out, “WHAT?!?!” I was completely surprised and amazed, but once I read the explanation, I realized that it made perfect sense. I love being surprised at the end of a Christie novel!

The writing is, of course, completely genius and engaging. Every chapter kept pulling me into the story. The setting and the mood of the book really paint the scene for you. There are so many complex characters in this book, some British, some French. It was interesting to see people from these different cultures interacting, and the way that they have little prejudices and expectations depending on their own perspective. I loved exploring the nuances of each character’s personality!

I adore Poirot and Hastings. They are such a great team, and I love their merry friendship. The dialogue between them is priceless! I really love the mysteries that are told from Hastings point of view. He’s such a great narrator and sidekick for Poirot. Hastings is such an adorable dork!

Poirot really is one of my favorite detectives! He definitely shines in this book, and I love the way that he is so meticulous. He is wonderfully shrewd. His strong temperament pulls the story forward, but it is his kindness to his friends that makes my heart so happy when I read a Poirot book.

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