Halloween Picture Books for Children

Owl Has a Halloween Party by Jannie Ho

Owl Has a Halloween Party: A Tiny Tab Book
by Jannie Ho (Goodreads Author) (illustrator)
5 out of 5 stars

Owl has invited all his friends to a Halloween party, but who is going to come? Gradually the party guests begin to arrive, and Owl compliments them on their amazing costumes. Lion is a pirate. Tiger is a ghost. Monkey is an astronaut, and Frog is a princess. Once everyone arrives, Owl and his friends have a great party together!

The best part of this book are the pull tabs that you can pull in and out to reveal the hidden illustrations! Each little character is a surprise as they pop out from behind a tree or barn, and reveal their Halloween costume. It’s very clever the way the pull tabs are designed to show a character hiding behind or inside something different.

I love the cute illustrations for this book! Each party guest has a unique design and a cute costume. The art work is so adorable! I love the bright colors and little details in the background of each scene. The autumn leaves are falling, and the pumpkins are ripe. This book gives me such happy autumn Halloween feelings!

Poultrygeist by Eric Geron

by Eric GeronPete Oswald (Illustrations)
5 out of 5 stars

The chicken who crossed the road gets hit by a truck and becomes a poultrygeist. The other animal ghosts insist that now that the chicken is dead, he has to haunt people and scare them. But chicken is nice. He doesn’t want to scare anyone. Can he convince the other ghosts that he’s not a scary chicken?

This book is so funny! Poor chicken has to deal with the afterlife and all those other ghosts bullying him to be scary like them. At one point, chicken breaks the fourth wall and asks the reader if they are okay and not too scared. It’s hilarious!

I liked the illustrations and the creepy art style. The animal ghosts make mean faces to convince chicken to be mean too, but chicken himself is just sweet and cute. It’s a little bit scary, but not too much. The illustrations have wonderful dark backgrounds, and the ghosts seem to shimmer and glow on the page. It’s just perfect for this type of book!

The Ugliest Monster in the World by Luis Amavisca

The Ugliest Monster in the World
by Luis AmaviscaErica Salcedo
5 out of 5 stars

Two friends start a contest to see who is the ugliest monster. They try on weird wigs and funny hats to prove how ugly they are. They make silly faces and point out their crazy google eyes and big fur. When a third monster joins in, they will finally discover who the ugliest monster in the world really is.

This book is so funny and cute! I just loved the friendliness between all three of the monsters. They are just having a fun time being silly and joking around. I could imagine this exact dialogue between three children.

I love the colorful illustrations! The monsters are each so brightly colored and their character designs are really funny. Their facial expressions make the silliness of the book come alive. I love that the art style is a little under-stated or minimalistic. Each scene focuses on one key element on the page, and there isn’t a lot in the background cluttering things up. Beautiful art!

Disclaimer: I received copies of these books from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

El monstruo más feo del mundo (Spanish Edition)

by Luis AmaviscaErica Salcedo
5 out of 5 stars

Dos amigos inician un concurso para ver quién es el monstruo más feo. Se prueban pelucas raras y sombreros divertidos para demostrar lo feos que son. Hacen muecas y locos ojos. Cuando un tercer monstruo se une, finalmente descubrirán quién es realmente el monstruo más feo del mundo.

¡Este libro es tan divertido y lindo! Me encantó la amabilidad entre los tres monstruos. Se están divirtiendo haciendo tonterías y bromeando. Podía imaginar este diálogo exacto entre tres niños.

¡Me encantan las ilustraciones coloridas! Los monstruos tienen colores brillantes y los diseños de sus personajes son realmente divertidos. Sus expresiones faciales hacen que la tontería del libro cobre vida. Me encanta que el estilo artístico sea un poco subestimado o minimalista. Cada escena se centra en un elemento clave de la página, y no hay mucho en el fondo que desordene las cosas. ¡Hermoso arte!

Descargo de responsabilidad: Recibí una copia de este libro del editor a cambio de una revisión gratuita y honesta. Todas las opiniones expresadas aquí son mis propios pensamientos verdaderos y no están influenciadas por nadie.

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