Book Review: Go Back for Murder

Go Back for Murder by Agatha Christie

Go Back for Murder
by Agatha Christie
5 out of 5 stars

Carla has just come of age, and is told of the true dark past of her family. Her mother was convicted of poisoning her father and died in prison when Carla was only five years old. But before she died, Carla’s mother wrote a letter to her daughter, to be opened on her 21st birthday, explaining that she was innocent and had not poisoned her husband. Now Carla is interviewing all the people who were present when her father was poisoned, trying to find out the truth. Who really poisoned her father, and why did her mother seem content to take the blame?

I loved this murder mystery, especially the cold case aspect of it! There are various clues which may or may not be accurate, because it all hinges on testimony from witnesses’ memories of 16 years ago. The plot really kept my attention and had me guessing right up until the end. I had a pretty good guess about one part of the mystery which turned out to be partly true, but the rest of the reveal was a surprise to me.

The characters have really interesting personalities. They are all so different, and it was fascinating to see how they interacted. Carla herself is a powerful main character. It was amazing seeing how everyone around her reacted to her presence. She is a complex person with a fierce determination to know the truth.

The dialogue is excellent and really pulls you into every conversation. There is an emotional appeal in every sentence that makes you care what happens to the characters.

I liked the setting and the atmosphere in every scene. It creates a lot of tension in the story. It would be fascinating to watch in a theater!

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