Play Review: The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap and Other Plays by Agatha Christie

The Mousetrap and Other Plays
by Agatha ChristieIra Levin (Introduction)
3 out of 5 stars
This is such a great collection of Agatha Christie’s plays! Some I liked more than others, but they were all interesting and mysterious.

There were a couple of the plays where I found it easy to guess who the murderer was. I wonder if I saw the play actually being acted on stage, it might not be so easy to tell. So much depends on the tone of voice and the atmosphere of a scene. Reading a play just isn’t the same.

I love the complex characters, and all the red herrings and wild clues! Each play has a certain charm and fascination that kept my attention.

I had especially high hopes of “The Mousetrap”, since that is her most famous play and the longest running play in history. But I was a little disappointed. It seemed very obvious to me who the murderer was, and the red herrings were either too bland or too melodramatic to be plausible. Maybe I’ve just read too much Agatha Christie, so I can guess what she is going to do.

But I did enjoy the characters and the clever dialogue! I especially liked Mr. and Mrs. Ralston and their sweet relationship as newlyweds. And I thought the setting of a snowed-in country hotel was wonderful!

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