Book Review: Bobbsey Twins Own Little Railroad

The Bobbsey Twins' Own Little Railroad by Laura Lee Hope

The Bobbsey Twins’ Own Little Railroad
by Laura Lee Hope
4 out of 5 stars

A friend of the Bobbsey’s is moving and gives the twins a little train engine just big enough to pull a car that seats five or six people. The twins have fun setting up the tracks, putting water in the boiler, starting up the fire, and getting the steam engine running. They go whizzing around the track, and Bert learns how to operate the engine all by himself. But their fun is short lived when part of the train tracks are stolen! Can the Bobbsey twins solve the mystery of the missing tracks and find the thief?

I loved this simple story and all the fun adventures that the Bobbsey twins have! The plot is interesting and really kept my attention. There is something so charming about these books that takes me back to my childhood.

Bert is such a take-charge kind of person. He is ready to dive into any adventure with courage and tenacity!
Nan is sweet and kind. She is always thinking of others and ready to help anyone in trouble.
Flossie is so cute and adorable! I just want to hug her and kiss her fat little cheeks.
Freddie is mischievous and always getting into crazy situations. He is so funny and wild!

I love the straightforward writing style, and the way the story paints a picture of a simple world where people are good and trustworthy…. well, except for the thieves and that rascal Danny Ruggs!

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