Book Review: The False Princess

The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal
The False Princess
by Eilis O’Neal 

4 out of 5 stars

Sinda has grown up as a princess, but on her sixteenth birthday she is told that she was only a decoy. She was a commoner baby switched with the royal baby to shield the real princess from a murderous prophecy. Sinda has to leave the only life she has ever known to live in a poor country village with an aunt she has never met.

I loved this book so much! Sinda is a wonderfully complex character, and goes through really intense character development. She is shy and awkward in the beginning, floundering around in fear and anger. But she gradually learns to trust her own strength, and she begins to fight to build a life of her own.

The plot is really interesting with brilliant magic and plot twists.

I loved the history of this magical land, and how the ancient wars and prophecies were woven into the plot. There is an old map from centuries before that tells of a mystical doorway in the castle, hidden from anyone not of royal blood. I loved the puzzles and runes that had to be solved to finally locate the magic door.

The supporting characters are amazingly well-written. They are memorable and complex, and all their personalities are so different and sharp. Sinda’s aunt is prickly and strict. Sinda’s best friend, Kiernan, is warm and kind and always joking around. The princess who replaces Sinda is sweet and thoughtful. They all have their own background, motivations, and desires that fuel the plot and push Sinda into further character development.

The writing is excellent, and it pulled me into the story. There are many intensely emotional scenes where the writing moves with energy and power. Just a few well-crafted words will push the reader into the minds and hearts of the characters. Several times there would be a perfect turn of phrase that strongly captured my attention.

I really enjoyed reading this book! I only wish there were more works by this author.

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