Book Review: Septimus Heap: Darke

Septimus Heap: Darke (#6)By Angie Sage

4 out of 5 stars

That stinking Merrin Meredith is back, threatening the Castle with the power of the Darke. Only Septimus, his dragon Spitfyre, and Princess Jenna can stop Merrin from covering the entire city in Darkeness.

I loved this book! The plot is full of action and magic and twists. I adore the characters, and I love how they grow and learn throughout the series. This book was particularly emotional for the Heap family as prodigal son, Simon, strives to win back his family’s love and trust.

My only trouble was the vast number of side characters. They are all quirky and sweet and interesting and memorable, but there are just SO MANY of them. I could barely keep track of who was who. I can follow about 20 main characters and then I start losing track.

I just adore this series! The intertwined plots are so complex and imaginative. Really good story telling in the writing style that puts the reader right into the middle of the action and tugs at your heart strings.

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