Book Review: Book Girl

Book Girl by Sarah    Clarkson
Book Girl: A Journey Through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Life 
by Sarah Clarkson 

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Sarah Clarkson delves into the qualities that a “book girl” possesses, and how she learns and looks at the world. And the author lists her favorite things about reading, along with her favorite books for every occasion in life.

I enjoyed this book, especially the lists of books. There is a short review with each book listed, so you can check off the ones you’ve already read, or look up the ones that sound interesting and put them on your wishlist.

Another wonderful thing about this book was the emphasis on reading as a way to know more about God through stories, and to connect with yourself by connecting with God. I really liked how the author explores various aspects of how stories can comfort, guide, and enlighten, always pointing us toward Christ.
I thought the writing style was a little too flowery though. I know the author was trying to “paint a picture” of her reading life and experiences, and how books have changed her, and enriched her heart. But I just had to skip over the paragraphs that begin with, “There are daffodils in the vase by my window as I write.” Or “I was seventeen, and it was actually, in the words of so many mystery novels, “a dark and stormy night.” Oh, I felt the drama of it with all my teenage intensity.”
I just wanted the author to get on with it. I don’t care about all your piddling little memories and flowers. I want to hear about the books!

But once, I skipped over the boring chapters, the rest of the book was quite good, and the writing has some good bite to it with wonderful quotes from famous authors, talking about the magical experience of reading and the use of imagination.

There are a few paragraphs with trifling personal memories and junk that I didn’t care about, but the parts that actually talked about books had some very good meat for the mind, that I’m still chewing over.

I especially got a thrill checking off the lists of books that I have already read, and putting a little asterisk next to the ones I want to read. My wishlist just got a lot bigger!
I also enjoyed that the author includes lots of C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien in this book, my two favorite authors!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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