Fruit of the Spirit Tag


You can customize your own beautiful Folded Book Art at Abigail Avery Books Etsy Shop!

Lindsey at BFCG:
Jessi Dawn:

~ Q U E S T I O N S ~
-Love – Name your top 3 favorite book couples
-Joy – Name a character who went through horrible trials. Were they joyful? Would you have been if you went through the same?
-Peace – Name a book where a river or body of water is important to the story.
-Patience – Name a book you anticipated/are anticipating reading.
-Kindness – Name a selfless character.
-Goodness – Name a book with a plot twist so shocking you were like, “oh my goodness!”
-Faithfulness – Name an author you whose books you will always buy without question.
-Gentleness – Show us your most damaged book.
-Self Control – Name the strangest place you’ve ever read because you couldn’t wait any longer to continue the story.

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